Welcome to CSGL.Net which offers advice and information for the Niche and Affiliate marketer.

Whether you are brand new to this field, or a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to learn.

Hopefully you will benefit from the information contained here which has been gathered over the many years that I have been running my businesses online.

If there is anything that you need more information on please feel free to ask, I don’t bite!

You will also find many links to software, scripts, software, articles and ebooks that will be useful to you. Some of these are available for free download, some require purchase (optional of course), and some are available for you to promote as affiliates to earn yourself commissions.

Many of the articles go into detail on what is now called ‘Niche Markets’. When I first started marketing this was the only markets that were targeted.

Then about five years ago everyone fell into the trend of trying to sell information on how to become affiliate marketers, who then tried to duplicate the same strategies until selling affiliate marketing information to other affiliate marketers was the only thing that people ever tried to sell… crazy!

There are probably tens of thousands of discouraged entrepreneurs that tried, and failed miserably, following this route…

If you were one of these then I hope that I can show you a different approach that works far more often if sufficient effort is applied.

There is no easy, foolproof way of becoming successful online, but there are many ways to make a consistent and healthy income with far less effort than working for a boss for forty hours a week (something that I haven’t had to do since around 1999!)

So take a little time to browse the site, maybe find some products that you would like to promote, I would love for you to earn some commissions 🙂

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